Utilities in Lost Creek

Are you setting up or discontinuing utility service for your Lost Creek Home? If so, here is some helpful information to help guide you to the proper utility service providers.

Water Gas & Electric

Water service Austin Energy 512-494-9400
Electric service Austin Energy 512-494-9400
Gas Service Texas Gas 800-700-2443

Trash & Recycling

The Lost Creek MUD has negotiated a special low price for solid waste and recyclables collection with Progressive Waste Solutions (formerly IESI.) This special package and low price is available only to Lost Creek residents.

To start service, stop service, inquire about billing or pickup, call Progressive at 512-282-3508.

Special Lost Creek Package

  • Once-a-week (Tuesday) collection of the contents of a 95-gallon cart provided by IESI at no additional cost to resident. Alternatively, residents may choose to provide their own garbage can.
  • Plus up to six additional plastic bags of garbage (bags provided by resident)
  • Plus additional yard debris cut to 3-foot lengths and bundled by resident.
  • Plus at Christmastime, IESI will pick up your Christmas trees at no additional charge. Trees may be up to six feet in length. Christmas trees taller than six feet must be cut in half by the resident.
  • Plus a recycling bin provided by IESI at no additional cost to the resident for recycling newspaper, magazines, plastic, aluminum cans, steel cans, and glass jars.

Special Lost Creek Package Prices

  • $12.74/month

Lost Creek Package Details

  1. Package Add-Ons
    • Residents may add an additional 95-gallon cart for $2.50/month
  2. Bulky Item Pickup Service
    • Old furniture, unused appliances or large yard debris can be picked up as an extra service. Contact IESI for a price quote
  3. Billing
    • Bills will be mailed to households on a quarterly basis
  4. Solid Waste Guidelines
    • Place garbage at curbside by 8am Tuesday
    • Cut brush and tree trimmings to 3ft and tie in bundles
    • All loose items outside cart may not exceed 35lbs -- per OSHA regulations
  5. Recycle Program Guidelines

Items that will be recycled:


  • Newspaper
  • Office paper (plain or color paper, envelopes, stationery, stickey notes)
  • Junk mail (inserts, magazines, catalogs, ad circulars, etc.)
  • Boxboard (food box packaging like cereal boxes-flatten to conserve space)
  • Corrugated cardboard (flatten to conserve space)


  • Food cans (labels ok)
  • Soda cans

Rigid Plastics:

  • Jugs and bottles with recycle symbol # 1-7 (check bottom)
  • Round tubs such as yogurt and butter tubs with symbol #1 through 7
  • Small plastic food packaging such as fruit cups and baby food containers


  • Bottles or jars, any color glass (rinsed and dry)

Certain items will not be recycled

We cannot take disposable plastic bags, ovenable meat trays, or Styrofoam- in any form (take out containers, egg cartons, packaging). or broken glass.

Why not?

The recycling processing facility uses an automated system to sort and bale the recyclables. Plastic bags, for instance, will jam the automated machinery. Residents can take their plastic bags to some grocery stores, and place in their containers for recycling. You are encouraged to ask for paper bags during shopping or opt for the cloth/mesh reusable bags. We cannot take plastic disposable meat trays, pizza boxes, or Styrofoam (in any form- takeout containers, egg cartons, packing materials) because of contamination.

Do I need to clean items before putting them in the cart?

Your recyclables should be rinsed of food residue. All paper put into the cart must be dry.

posted: Thursday, May 26, 2005