Meeting Room Rental

The Lost Creek Municipal Utility rents on a first-come first-served basis, the District Meeting room. You may pick up a reservation form at the MUD office during business hours. The following rules will apply for any Lost Creek organization or group desiring to use the District meeting room.



  • Use of the District meeting room is restricted to nonprofit Lost Creek groups or organizations / or nonprofit organizations or nonprofit groups sponsored by a resident of Lost Creek.
  • All applications to use the District meeting room shall be made through the District General Manager or his designee.
  • Applicants must provide a $100.00 refundable cleaning deposit
  • If the District General Manager or his designee shall disapprove an application then the applicant shall have the right to appeal to the Board of Directors.

Reservations and Cancellations

Organizations or groups authorized to use the District meeting room must request reservation of the room from the General Manager or his designee through the MUD office (327-6243) not later than seven (7) days prior to the date of use. If for an emergency reason the seven-day rule cannot be adhered to, special approval may be received form the General Manager or his designee for use of the building.

The organization or group reserving the room will designate a person who will be responsible for the following:

  1. Checkout and return of side door key. The key may be checked out from 8am until 4:30pm on the day of room use. For weekend functions, the key will be checked out on Friday before the scheduled date of use. The key will be returned by noon following the date of the function. If the function is held on the weekend, the key will be returned by Monday noon.
  2. Clean up and rearranging furniture to the original configuration. Clean up will consist of restoring the facility to its state of cleanliness both inside and outside. No furniture or fixture from inside the building is to be utilized for outside purposes.

  3. Security of the building - lock all doors. Close windows and close window blinds.

  4. Utilities -- Turn off water lights and air conditioning / heating.

The person designated by the organization or group to check out the building key will read and sign the CONDITIONS OF AGREEMENT for use of the District meeting room prior to issuance of the key.


Use of any type of alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited.


In the event of improper clean-up, damage to the building or furnishings, or loss of furnishings or equipment, the organization or group which last used the facility will be responsible for payment to the District office for the cleanup, repair, or replacement of missing items.


Disagreements over building condition, damage, or loss will be presented to the District Board of Directors for resolution.

posted: Thursday, May 26, 2005