Lost Creek Median Landscaping Plan

The MUD recently awarded a bid to Perfect Lawns & Landworks to upgrade the sprinkler system and landscaping to our entry median on Lost Creek Blvd. at 360. Construction started May 14th and has been completed. We planned these revisions for the following reasons:

• The entry to Lost Creek should be attractive and serve as an example of Central Texas native landscaping.

• New lighting will endorse the City of Austin's “dark sky” initiative that restricts the use of certain types of outdoor lighting.

• Many of the existing light bollards, installed many years ago, have been hit by cars and are in need of replacement.

The electrical wiring and the underground conduit which supplies the power to the median, was recently upgraded and replaced in anticipation of this proposed second phase of the project. In addition to landscaping, the project includes installation of a drip irrigation sprinkler system to lower future water use.

During this extreme drought period, Lost Creek reviewed the existing plants, shrubs, groundcovers and colorful annuals. Two members of the Lost Creek Home and Garden Club, LaJoyce Kraus and Marsie Stauch worked with the Board’s Relandscaping Committee comprised of Directors Gary Sertich and Steve Veregge.

Three landscape designs were received over a period of months and the Directors chose a xeriscape proposal from TexaScapes to prepare the design. The plan calls for the removal of all the existing shrubs, Asiatic Jasmine groundcover and annual flowers that are currently in the median. Only the existing trees and crepe myrtels will remain. We will install 50 tons of boulders to produce cascading features and reduce drainage problems to help prevent the crushed granite and mulch from washing away and to help retain moisture for all of the new plants which will be added. Annual colors will still be planted twice a year in the front of the median but the annuals in the tail of the median will not be continued.

A brown drip line irrigation system will be installed and the lighting system will utilize various types of up and down lighting in the trees as well as lights to shine on the boulders to highlight their features at night.

During construction, there will be occasional lane closures on Lost Creek Blvd. to allow the delivery of the boulders and other materials which will be coordinated with Travis County and the City of Austin for safety and access for the residents.

The last relandscaping of the median was done through the efforts of the Lost Creek Home and Garden Club in 1987 when the members went door to door soliciting donations to plant the trees, shrubs and groundcovers which are in existence now. The MUD only took over the maintenance and upkeep of the median in 2005.

posted: Tuesday, September 4, 2012