Agenda 10.19.10

                   NOTICE OF REGULAR MEETING


October 19, 2010, 6:30 p.m.


Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of Lost Creek Municipal Utility District of Travis County, Texas, will hold a regular meeting in the Community Meeting Room of the Lost Creek MUD Office located at 1305 Quaker Ridge Drive, Austin, Texas, on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. to consider and act on the following matters:


  1. Board Convenes and Roll Call

  2. Citizen Communications

  3. Consent Agenda

    a. Bookkeepers Report - MAC

    (1) September 2010 Fund Balance and Disbursement Report

    (2) September 2010 Budget Review

    b. Financial Reports and Payments - MAC

    (1) September 2010 Investment and Capital Reserves Report

    (2) October 2010 Payment Approval List - Bowen

    c. Approval of Minutes of the September 14, 2010 Regular Board Meeting (Sertich)

  4. Deed Restriction Enforcement Officer’s (DREO) October 2010 Report (Emmons)

  5. Deed Restriction Enforcement Committee (DREC)/Legal Counsel Reports regarding deed restriction enforcement action/litigation for:

    a. 6201 Augusta National Drive - McIntyre

    b. 2101 Cypress Point East - Beasley

    c. 2002 Ringtail Ridge - Gimbut

    d. 6203 Plum Hollow Overlook - Wilson

    e. 1508 Ben Crenshaw Way - Cole

  6. General Manager’s Report regarding the following matters - Bowen

    a. City of Austin Criticality Assessment Update

    b. Water Conservation Report –September 2010

  7. Lead and copper test results

  8. Leak detection plan for unbilled water loss
  9. Water Line Breaks/Repairs

    • Fire Hydrant destroyed on Whitemarsh Valley Walk

    c. Other:

    1) District’s “Boil Water Notice” policy and procedures

    2) Commercial water meter replacement update

    3) Preventive maintenance program and replacement schedule for residential and commercial water meters

    4) Water and Wastewater Service Issues Relating to Improvements to USA Managed Care office building at 916 S. Capital of Texas Hwy.

    5) District meeting with commercial property owners and City of Austin regarding taxes

    6) Preventive maintenance program and schedule for park and recreation equipment and facilities

  10. Discussion and Possible Action On:

    a. Request for a change in the assigned parking spaces in front of MUD office building

    b. Resident Survey - Castro

    c. Texas Municipal League Rerate Notice and Continuation of Coverage Administrative Agreement for Employee Benefits

    d. Providing Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event for residents in neighborhood – Bowen

    e. Adopt Order amending water and wastewater rates and charges

    f. Adopt Order Concerning City of Austin Water and Sewer Rates for Commercial Properties

    g. Adopt Order Relating to Review and Approval of District Investment policy

    h. AVR software maintenance contract renewal

    i. ABC Home Services contract for holiday lighting

    j. Consideration of retaining a professional utility management company to evaluate the management and operations of District equipment and facilities - Veregge

    k. Consideration of retaining a professional salary and benefits consultant to review employees’ wages and benefits - Veregge

    l. Review proposed employee wages and salaries for 2010-11 fiscal year –Bowen

    m. Performance Evaluation and Compensation of General Manager – Veregge

  11. Status Reports:

    a. UPDATE October Newsletter status – Avery/Davidson

    b. Storm Water Seminar (TCEQ)– Bowen

    c. TRWA Fall Management Conference – Bowen

    d. Firewise Program Update – Providing chipper/shredder in January 2011

  12. Set date and time for the December 2010 Board meeting

  13. Adjourn

The Board of Directors may go into Executive Session, if necessary, pursuant to the applicable section of Subchapter D, Chapter 551, Texas Government Code, of the Texas Open Meetings Act, on any of the above matters. No final action, decision, or vote will be taken on any subject or matter in Executive Session.

The District is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Reasonable modifications and equal access to communications will be provided upon request. Please call 327-6243 for further information.

posted: Friday, October 15, 2010