Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LD?

The Lost Creek Limited District is a local governmental entity which maintains Lost Creek’s beautiful parks and recreational facilities, enforces neighborhood deed restrictions as necessary to sustain property values, and coordinates Lost Creek’s status as both a Firewise and Dark Skies designated community. The Limited District has limited authority under the law—it only has the powers granted to it by certain sections of the Water Code and consistent with the annexation agreement with the City of Austin.

How is the LD funded?

Lost Creek Limited District is funded via property taxes levied on property owners within the district’s geographic boundaries, including both residential and commercial properties. The taxing unit listed on your property tax bill is ‘LOST CREEK LIMITED DISTRICT’.

How is the tax rate set?

The Lost Creek Limited District board of directors votes each year to set the tax rate. The tax rate for the 2018 tax year is 0.045% (or 4.5 cents per $100 of valuation).

Historical Lost Creek Limited District tax rates:

  • 2016 .0525%
  • 2017 .0489%
  • 2018 .0450%
  • 2019 .0425%
  • 2020 .0428%


2018 - funded by 2017 tax rate

2019 - funded by 2018 tax rate

2020 - funded by 2019 tax rate

2021 - funded by 2020 tax rate

How/when is the budget created & tax rate set?

The Lost Creek Limited District fiscal year spans from October to September. The board holds a special budget meeting typically in late July or early August. At this public meeting, the LD board discusses the upcoming year’s budget and utilizes this information to review a proposed tax rate.

The upcoming year’s budget and the current year proposed tax rate are then typically adopted in the first meeting following the special budget meeting.

Notice of the proposed tax rate must be either be mailed to each property owner or published prior to adoption. The proposed tax rate then must be adopted prior to September 30 and the adopted tax rate cannot be higher than the proposed tax rate for that year. Generally, the final tax rate is adopted at the next regular board meeting after the notice period has ended.

How does the LD board communicate information? The LD board posts information in several ways. For notices required by law, the board often uses the most cost effective notice method permitted by that law (for example, mailing notice of the proposed tax rate to each taxpayer has been cheaper than posting notice in print media in recent years). The LD board also puts important information on its website ( and sends email updates to those on its mailing list. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send an email to

For certain significant communications, such as the annual report, the LD board sends a print copy to each taxpayer. The LD general manager also tries to put timely information on Nextdoor, but this is not an official channel for LD communications. The most complete information will always be available on and in the meeting packets published on that site.

Why do we have an LD?

When Lost Creek was annexed by the City of Austin, the neighborhood voted to convert the Lost Creek MUD into the Limited District to continue to locally fund and maintain our common spaces and provide deed restriction enforcement. The LD was created under the jurisdiction of the Texas Water Code, the text of which is located here.

What does the LD do?

Primarily, the Limited District maintains Lost Creek Boulevard Park (the playground), the LD Office and Community Center, Boulder Trail Park, the 360 entrance and medians, the Whitemarsh Valley Nature Trail and the LD greenbelt at Barton Creek, and enforces deed restrictions. The LD also funds security patrols at the Barton Creek greenbelt trail, provides Firewise clearing services for district-supervised land and installs holiday decorations at the 360 entrance and Boulevard park.

What does the LD spend our money on?

Detailed financials can be found in the agendas for each month's board meeting, found here.

When are the meetings?

The Limited District Board meets a minimum of once a month at the LD community building. Meetings typically begin at 6:30pm, but the meeting times are posted online on this website.

A sign is posted along Lost Creek Boulevard when a meeting is upcoming.

How can I see what will be discussed?

The general manager posts agendas at least 3 days ahead of time here. Agendas also contain information packets for items to be discussed in the meetings.

Can I attend these meetings?

All residents are welcome to attend meetings. Citizen communication is part of each regular meeting agenda and participation to direct issues, concerns and updates to the board during a meeting is limited to that portion of the agenda. The rest of the meeting is held in public, but is not a meeting of the public. The board may go into closed session on occasion to discuss certain matters. Going into closed session must be noted in meeting agendas ahead of time. No decisions or votes may be taken during closed sessions.

Where can I find out what was discussed in previous meetings?

Approved meeting minutes are posted here. Minutes are posted at least a month in arrears as the minutes must be approved by the board in the following meeting.

Why aren't the LD directors more active on Nextdoor?

The Texas Open Meetings Act limits how the directors may interact with each other to ensure that all proceedings and deliberations are public. Nextdoor is a private social media company and not an official forum for LD discussions or deliberations. The LD general manager does have authority to post information items, such as chipper/shredder days, on Nextdoor.

When are the next LD elections?

All board seats are elected positions and members serve four year terms. Elections occur every two years -- three seats then two seats -- to provide continuity to the board membership. Elections are on the standard federal election day ballot on the 1st Tuesday of every even year. Two seats are up for election in presidential years, while three seats are up for election during mid-term elections.

What are deed restrictions?

Deed restrictions are written agreements that restrict, or limit, the use or activities that may take place on property in a subdivision. These restrictions appear in the real property records of the county in which the property is located. They are private agreements and are binding upon every owner in a subdivision.

How do I reserve the Boulevard Park gazebo or the community building?

Meeting room information can be found here.

Park reservation rules and information can be found here.

posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2019