Privacy Policy

The Lost Creek Limited District does not collect or track personal information from its site visitors. Generic information from server logs may be used to track the number of hits to the site, and to find out what types of browser software are used by visitors. This information will be used only in aggregate form, and used solely for improving web site design and/or performance. If there are any questions, please contact the LCMUD Webmaster.

As of May 3, 2012, the Lost Creek MUD (now Lost Creek Limited District) website uses browser cookies. Browser cookies are small text snippets stored on your computer by websites and are transferred back to the website upon subsequent visits. A cookie is stored on your computer if you use the customize feature of the Lost Creek Limited District home page. The cookie contains a six-digit identifier of the Lost Creek address you selected from the list. It does not contain the address itself, only the six-digit code we use to restore the customized watering schedule upon subsequent visits to the Lost Creek Limited District home page.

If you want to remove the cookie from your browser, click the x in the upper right portion of the watering schedule box and the cookie will be removed. Internet browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome all offer the ability to clear all cookies from your browsing sessions.

More information about web browser cookies and privacy implications is available at Wikipedia

posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2005